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Texts: © Thomas Dreher
(You can reuse my articles for free, if you take care of the following rules: The texts are free only for a noncommercial distribution and you should republish them without modifications (no derivatives) and with the author's name (appropriate credit): Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs-3.0 Germany)

Photos: by Thomas Dreher and Art & Language (the archives of Michael Baldwin and Mel Ramsden), if no other photographers' names, artists' names or sources are indicated [The unsatisfactory image-quality of some color illustrations is the result of a combination of the low photo-resolution for the web 1.0 (before DSL) distribution and a digitisation of slides photographed by Thomas Dreher with coarse-grained ASA 400 color films in interior spaces without flashlight and tripod. The disadvantages of this combination are clearly recognisable if the illustrations present text. If the artists (Art & Language: Michael Baldwin and Mel Ramsden) were not able to help with alternative illustrations the slides were used as irreplaceable historical documents.]
Copyrights by the indicated photographers and the artists of the illustrated works (If illustrations were taken from other webpages then clicks on the illustrations lead to the source).

Digitisation of elder illustrations: Bayer Repro, Munich; Thomas Dreher.

Layout and programming of the first web version in Mai 1999: Michael Hofstetter. Updates since March 2001 (and an update to English as the first language in November 2016): Thomas Dreher (last modification: June 2024).

Layout of the Homepage and the Diagram, 2003 (redesign 2008): Michael Hofstetter

Illustration at the end of the index: Draves, Scott: Electric Sheep, computer network, web, screensaver, 1999, screenshot December 2012.

Illustration in Art & Language: Bildchronologie 1966-1999: overlay of Ian Burn: Altered Photographs (1968) and Art & Language: Index 01 (1972). The overlay presents a screenshot of sequences being produced with XX - Double Exposure by Julian Konczak and Russell Richards (March 2005) in using a database of images filled with illustrations of works by Art & Language.

Illustration in Bibliography: Marxer Piñón, Richard: LaLana, 2006, generative web project offering alterations of letters.

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